The content on your site tells your visitors who you are, encourages them to dig into your site and works to establish your company as an expert in its field.

It is the strength of this content that will be largely responsible for helping to attract visitors to your site, pulling in valuable search traffic, and earning you links from potential customers.

But you have to know how to use it. Certain content types are intended for different purposes, and it’s important to know the strengths and limitations for each. Blog posts are ideal for drumming up conversation or sparking controversy, but an authoritative article is going to be the tool you need in order to establish your site as a resource.

Many organizations feel the need to tactically implement an editorial calendar to fill a content quota, but we recognize that without a strong, data-driven content strategy this can be an incredibly wasteful investment. The reason is that the majority of organizations fail to plan for and implement a content strategy that aligns with their business objectives. It’s not that organizations don’t understand their needs, but working in the same environment day in and day out makes it difficult to bring a different process and insight to the table.


We start at the beginning with every client getting to know your business, brand, and voice. From there we dive into the technical makeup of your current content, including not just your on-site content but also your library of untapped resources created for sales, customer service, and marketing.

If you’ve already got a clear handle on your audience, that’s perfect, and if not we can tackle that next. We take the time to get to know your audience — not your assumed audience but your actual and desired audiences based on your data, your social channels, competitor and industry insights, market research data sources, and surveys or focus groups when there are still gaps.

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